Shikoku Preservation Update & T-Shirt Order

Over the pass few months we have made great progress with raising up money for the importation of a Shikoku Ken into the US.  Currently we have raised up $1,450 between donations and auctions.  This is not enough to bring in a puppy yet, but as we continue to work together we’ll be able to bring in a puppy in no time.  Auctions will start back up next week, so keep an eye out for them.

We are also looking for homes for the future imports, so anyone who has questions or would like to take part in raising up a Shikoku Ken that may potentially be bred in the future can email a request for an import application to  Some preference will be given to those who has had previous dog experience.


We will be placing another order of club t-shirts at the end of June, for a $30 donation you can get the NASC logo on both sides, with the front being on the left breast pocket side.  Shipping is included in the donation so ordering several t-shirts will allow for us to apply more of the donation towards our Preservation Effort. Made of a light cotton based fabric, these t-shirts are incredibly comfortable and stylish.  To be included in this t-shirt order, please have your donation sent via Paypal to by Saturday, June 30th. When sending your t-shirt donation, please specify your desired size and if it is for a man, woman, or child. Click here to see a sizing chart.  Also be sure to include the address you would like it shipped to.


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