Shikoku Preservation: Progress Update and Upcoming Fundraising Events

We are making great progress with the Preservation Effort, collecting $1030 in a little under a week.   Each dollar brings us one step closer to getting those puppies to the US, so if you haven’t contributed yet then it’s not too late to do so.  There are several ways to contribute:


- With a Paypal account, you can send your contribution to:  Doing so through a verified bank account, instead of through a credit or debit card, will waive the Paypal fees.

-If you don’t have a Paypal account you can use the Donate button below and use either a credit/debit card or electronic check transfer, it is secure and your information will remain private.

-If you would rather mail us a check, feel free to contact us so we can give you instructions on where to send it.


We will be ordering some t-shirts with the North American Shikoku Club logo on them, and for a $25-$30 donation per t-shirt you can show your support by wearing one of these.  For a $25 donation, you can get the t-shirt pictured with the NASC logo big and centered on the front.  For a $30 donation, you can get the NASC logo on both sides, with the front being on the left breast pocket side.  Shipping is included in the donation so ordering several t-shirts will allow for us to apply more of the donation towards our Preservation Effort. Made of a light cotton based fabric, these t-shirts are incredibly comfortable and stylish.  To be included in this t-shirt order, please have your donation sent via Paypal to by Thursday, March 8th. When sending your t-shirt donation, please specify your desired size and if it is for a man, woman, or child.  Click here to see a sizing chart.  Also be sure to include the address you would like it shipped to.  We hope to also at some point offer tank tops and hoodies, so keep checking back to see when they become available.


NASC shirt









Coming soon, we will be auctioning off some amazing items on our blog and Facebook page.  Leashes, collars and even some Shikoku Ken artwork will be auctioned off, so check often for  updates.  If you would like to donate an item for future auctions, please contact us at with the subject header reading Auction Donations, and we will give you instructions on where to sent the items to.


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